The first LTTA

The first LTT activity will be held in Romania. In this meeting, the partner institutions will define the problem. Each partner will share the results of the students and teachers survey. So that, the project partner can see the similarities or differences between the countries. Moreover, a workshop will be provided by an expert that is focused on different reasons of ESL and what the role of students, parents, schools, and systems is. This meeting will make the problems clear and diognose the reasons.The objective of the workshop, designed for 2 working days with teachers from the partner countries in the project, is to create a common framework for reflection and teamwork in the elaboration of innovative model `START`(integrated strategies and techniques to prevent truancy, school regress and early school leaving) easy to put into practice in the educational management by connecting school to the societal vision and school empowerment in order that education be a takeover of power and not indoctrination.
The direct beneficiaries of the workshop are educatiobal staff involved in the project from all partner institutions who will learn to manage prevention of truancy and school regress.
The indirect beneficiaries of the workshop are young people exposed to the risk of absenteeism and those who are already in a situation of absenteeism and educational regress.

The second LTTA

The second LTT meeting will be held in Portugal. The focus of this meeting is Preventive Acts. In this meeting, the participants will present their countries effective strategies for preventing ESL. This will result in sharing of good practices. After this sharing, the participants will receive a training about innovative ways to prevent ESL. They will be informed about creative curriculum, involvement of students and parents in the process, transition between the levels of education. better inclusion of immigrant students, and flexible educational pathways. Moreover, participants will receive a training about the new methodological techniques to prevent ESL. Also, they will attend a workshop in which they will prepare videos, leaflets to make the problem known.

The third LTTA

The third LTT meeting will be held in Turkey. In this meeting, the focus will be the second chance and compensation strategies. The participants will receive a training about personalised approach to turn the students back to school. Also, they will be informed about accessible second chance schemes and how to establish second chance departments in schools. Moreoever, an expert will introduce ADEY system which was applied in Turkey in previous years. The system is the management of absencies and categorizing the absencies. Accordingly, for each absencies, the participants will learn how to intervene in the problem.
Moreover, in this meeting, the participants will finalize the handbook of good practices and publish it. This handbook will be used as a guide after the project is finished.




The first international project meeting 

The second international project meeting