Visit in Romania

The  first LTTA of the project was held in Bacau, Romania between 15-19 April in 2019.

There were 4 participants from each project partner country (Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal and Italy). There was a lovely and friendly welcome by our Romanian friends. Each partner shared the results of the students and teachers survey. So that, the project partner saw the similarities or differences between the countries. Moreover, a workshop was provided by an expert that was focused on different reasons of ESL and what the role of students, parents, schools, and systems was. The objective of the workshop, designed for 2 working days with teachers from the partner countries in the project, was to create a common framework for reflection and teamwork in the elaboration of innovative model – a counselling programme.`START`(integrated strategies and techniques to prevent truancy, school regress and early school leaving) easy to put into practice in the educational management by connecting school to the societal vision and school empowerment in order that education be a takeover of power and not indoctrination.
 There were an international conference organized by  INSPECTORATUL SCOLAR JUDETEAN BACAU and all partners represented their articles which were about ESL. There was also visits at some schools and an NGO as good examples.

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