Reducing ESL (Early School Leaving) is one of the largest and most important challenges faced by European countries. The high rates of school dropout at the end of compulsory secondary schooling not only hinder the social integration of those who suffer it, but above all reduce national productivity and competitiveness, put at risk the levels of equity and jeopardize social cohesion. For example, according to the policy report prepared to reduce early school leaving in all Europe come out with statistics.
Our project is aimed at raising awareness of ESL and finding a solution to this problem. The most important feature of our project is finding new ways to look for long-term solutions and establish effective systems against early school dropouts.

This project has two stages; the problem will be identified and solved in the first step; In the second phase, studies will be carried out on the solution and phase of the problem. Participants will have the necessary information about the prevention, intervention and remedial steps of early school dropouts. The target group of the project is high-risk groups such as students who are in danger of early schooling, immigrants, families, teachers, education staff and education administrators. Everyone in the target group will take an active role in the project.

The project has two Transnational project meetings, and three Learning/Teaching/Training activities. At transnational meetings (first and last meeting), management of the project, its implementation, budget, activities, planning, meetings, reports and completion will be covered. In Learning/Teaching/Training activities, project partner countries have to organize a training on a different side of the early school dropout. All the partners will share their experience in reducing early school leaving.
This project aims at a comprehensive methodology of ESL, defined by risky students and composed of all stages of the problem so that early school dropouts can be known in detail by the entire target group.

Among the results of the project is the first order of consciousness and knowledge of people about early school abandonment. In particular, educators need far more detailed information to prevent early school dropouts. In the project, participants will learn how to make effective systems to find long-lasting and lasting solutions. They will also appreciate the importance of creative and comprehensive curriculum and instructional techniques that take into account students’ thoughts, needs, and intelligences. With the help of parents, meetings and seminars, they will have more knowledge on this subject. Experts will try to create a more supportive school environment for second chance and compensation options. All these studies, especially those aimed at system establishment, will ensure that the project is long-term.

Seminars and meetings will be organized to disseminate project results. In addition, social media will be used effectively and the developments in the project will be announced to followers and related with the help of Facebook and corporate websites. In addition, international dissemination activities will be carried out with the help of E-twinning.